Jacob Frerod Explains “how to Company Email List Create a P

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Jacob Frerod Explains “how to Company Email List Create a P

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If you had to define your style in company email list social networks in three words, which ones would you use? “Minimalist, conceptual and retro” This is how content creator Jacob Fregoso Rodríguez, a 22-year-old Mexican instagramer who daily has an audience of more than 40k followers on his @jacobfrerod account, defined his style . Jacob, who started using VoxFeed in 2017, shares with us that when it comes to creating content to collaborate with brands, what he values ​​the most is total freedom , “so I can make more creative content, embodying my personality in it,” he commented.

Smart creators and brands know that company email list the authenticity of the creator is the most important thing for a successful collaboration. Over time, he has experimented with new formats for his content, becoming an expert in stop motions. “A year ago, I started doing it because a friend helped me make my first one. I always wanted to do it but I never really company email list got around to it; I love the end result of stop motion and seeing the magic happen!” If you follow him on Instagram, you're probably familiar with his hilarious posts that are characterized by his wooden monkeys, his love of piñatas, and his retro style.

Today, Jacob shares his tips so that when you company email list want to create a stop motion for your content, you can do it in the best way! 7 steps to make stop motion videos 1) It is super important that before making a stop motion you have a previous story-board, that is, have company email list in mind the idea, story or message that you want to capture. 2) Have all your props ready before starting the video (I don't advise improvising at the moment due to the change in light in the photos). 3) You need a tripod (stop motion shots are always still). 4) A great tip is to do stop motion with natural light and on clear days, cloudy days are not ideal for doing it. 5) Creativity will make your video more fun and attractive to your followers, hook them even with the props you decide to use. 6)

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