The importance of success is put forward

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The importance of success is put forward

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Vocational orientation attempts to judge today what will be good for us tomorrow. In order to further justify his existence he invests his conclusions with dimensions of prophetic threat and makes the decision the oriented product of mental terrorism. This entire hysterical construct that exploits the anxiety of the elderly the fear of the younger and the needs of a society that is more concerned with the successful course of the whole and hardly at all with the personal happiness of each one is based on precarious and arbitrary criteria whether these they have to do with the ends either with the means or with the persons. In the first category that of the goals as it is limitedly perceived through the quantitative criteria of money and publicity.

Criteria respected on the condition that one becomes aware e-commerce photo editing that they must be absolute goals not even main ones and sources of definitive enjoyment since their pursuit excludes other contradictory dimensions. Unfortunately all of us are slow to understand that only one woodpecker can be killed with certainty by each barrage. In the second category that of the means everyone talks openly about values qualities work and work and no one confesses equally openly what he secretly believes that is the weapons that today's society respects for the achievement of the goals that it recognizes it is mainly public relations and transaction. Dimensions also respected if one becomes conscious again that they constitute a oneway street which excludes the cultivation of other directions.


In the third category that of individuals a selfawareness is required and even at a tender age which usually constitutes the content of life. We came into life to discover our abilities and our desires and not to predecide them arbitrarily and build on them arbitrarily. Finally this whole edifice of orientation ignores some basic rights. The right to change to be surprised to be wrong to search for utopia. That is to allow ourselves to change without it giving us lightness and for life to surprise us without it filling us with insecurity. To decide by accepting that error is the most common outcome and that time cannot be pressing since the end has a certain if but an uncertain when.

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