Google highlighted the English version blog and the French

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Google highlighted the English version blog and the French

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Example of site search on Google To better understand, here is an example: Suppose we are looking for “ free website templates ” which are only available on the Strikingly website. To do this, you will have to search for “site: ”, and add “free website templates”. ![]( Screenshot on Google Below are the results of our search. The addition of is what made this possible. Instead of searching the entire internet, Google will only search the domain you specify after the keyword site.

Make sure you enter the URL correctly, including the photo retouching service letters that precede the main domain name. This can include, blog or info. In this search, we asked Google to search all available subdomains on the Strikingly domain. Suppose Strikingly has a blog subdomain,, you can narrow your search and focus on the blog subdomain. Here is what you should type in the search bar: Site: If this subdomain exists, it will return results only from the blog section of the site. In our case, version blog of Strikingly in the search results. Benefits of Doing Site Search on Google Site search on Google can be extremely useful in several ways.


Here are some of the reasons why you should try doing a Google Site Search. Searching for sites on Google improves SEO. You need to understand how well a website is indexed compared to the number of pages on the site. When you search the site through Google, you can see the number of pages it has indexed. Then you need to compare this figure to the result obtained from a crawler program such as Parallel Web Crawler to find out if there is a major difference in the indexing of the site. When you are looking for a particular information, content, article or statistics, using Google site search is also a great way to get the necessary data from a single website.

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